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Adspeer uses artifical intelligence to connect businesses with promoters for efficient, cost-effective product and service promotion. Our goal is to revolutionize the advertising experience, making it seamless and stress-free for businesses and promoters

To start using Adspeer, simply create a free account. For users seeking additional benefits and higher engagement, Adspeer also offers premium account options. Adspeer premium accounts provide access to a range of exclusive services.

Adspeer customizes product and service promotions to meet your specific requirements and budgets. We understand the importance of tailoring advertising campaigns to align with your goals, ensuring that you receive effective and cost-efficient promotional solutions.

Adspeer accepts various payment options in multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Users can make payments conveniently through payment gateways available in their location.

At Adspeer, payments for assigned tasks are securely held in escrow and disbursed promptly upon task completion. In cases of disputes, funds remain withheld until a resolution is achieved.

Adspeer's mobile apps are currently in private beta testing. We are working diligently to make these apps available to the public via various app stores as soon as possible.

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